National Grandparents Day – Please Gift Responsibly

Happy Grandparents Day Scribbles
A scribble picture from a child to a grandparent

In 1978 the US Congress passed legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day  as National Grandparents Day.

Some would say it’s just another Hallmark holiday, suggesting that it’s a “made up” holiday concocted primarily so that Hallmark and other companies can profit from it. Certainly money is made relative to Grandparents Day, but the same can be said for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and a variety of other holidays.

What is National Grandparents Day

Those such as Marian McQuade, who fought for Congress to adopt it as an official holiday, didn’t think of it as a trite celebration. It seems that most people, no matter their age, enjoy their grandparents and like to give them things.

Boxes full of trinkets and clutter, including cards, magazines, packing tape and a Christmas bow.
Tubs of small gifts and other things found when cleaning-out someone’s home

I’m still smarting from clearing out a house full of clutter, so I’m aware of how all those well-intentioned “things” can pile up. I’m thinking that for Grandparents Day a good bet would be flowers or an un-framed photo. A nice card would go a long way too. Handmade cards and baked goods are wonderful! Maybe something like a pie, which is richly enjoyed, but leaves nothing behind when you’re done with it except for a full belly.

No candles or trinkets necessary, and nothing your grandparents will need to find a place for later – except for the warm memories in their hearts.

What do you think of Grandparents day, and what would you like to receive?

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