What Kind of Car Should I Get?

I’m going to miss her. I'll miss my car. I thought we'd be together until Hell freezes over...

We’ve been together for years, and people won’t recognize me without her.

Something about our being together until Hell freezes over.

But it’s really time for a new car.  🙂

Some ads tell me I’ll be safer in one car. Or more to the point, those who are dearest to me will be safer:

Other ads tell me I’ll be respected if I drive their car. Some even suggest that I’m especially clever – and I come out on top, if I buy their car:

Me? I just want something that’s reliable and has great mileage. And the cost isn’t over the top. Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Car Should I Get?”

    1. I think “reliable and has great mileage” is the right focus. If you keep your car 10+ years. also think “simple” (less electronic gizmos that are flashy but add little value and add big cost to repair) and think “total cost of ownership (is a hybrid and th eextra cost really right if there is a big battery replacement cost in the future because you keep the car longer thatn the battery is intended to last?).

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