Flags at the Memorial for four Fallen Lakewood Police Officers

Gone But Not Forgotten – The Lakewood Four, Five Years After

This morning as the sun was rising, snow was falling on the memorial commemorating where four Lakewood police officers were killed. The community still remembers that day that drew the community together, five years ago today.

Heart in the Snow

Heart in the snow at the Lakewood Police Officers Memorial outside Blue Steele coffee in Parkland, WA
Heart drawn in the snow at the memorial outside Blue Steele Coffee

An early snow is on the ground, and the wind-chill is in the mid-twenties, but business is unusually brisk at Blue Steele Coffee. People make a point of coming here to pay their respects on November 29, remembering that morning in 2009 when four officers paid the ultimate price.

Permanent memorials were dedicated one year later, here and at the Lakewood Police Department’s headquarters. The one outside the coffee shop was built on the corner where the original, makeshift memorial had grown.

Four Coffee Cups

Four Coffee Cups and Candles at the Memorial to Four Lakewood Police officers outside Blue Steele Coffee in Parkland, WA
Four candles and four Forza coffee cups honoring the four slain officers

This morning, several people have left flowers and other tokens of their respect at both memorials. Four Forza coffee cups, representing the four officers, were left at the memorial outside the coffee shop. This is meaningful on several levels, because it was a Forza shop at the time of the incident, and because four similar cups had been left at the original makeshift memorial.

The shop has since been renamed Blue Steele in honor of the officers. The letter B in the shop’s logo includes four stars, representing the four fallen officers.

Tonight, Blue Steele will host the fifth annual Concert for Remembrance, in conjunction with the fifth annual Fallen Officers Food Drive.

2 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten – The Lakewood Four, Five Years After”

  1. The first time I was there, it was November 29, 2009. Imagine my shock the next day when I heard what had happened. I just where each table had been, which door…well. Enough of that. I also know someone who lost a family member that day. Her niece’s daddy. So, it all felt rather personal. I don’t get to Blue Steele as often as I should, but it’s always a bit emotional when I do.

  2. It was November 28 when I was there. Somehow, I hit ’29’ in what may have been a Freudian moment or something.

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